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Let's Clarify!


Your buying experience is important to us, and we know internet shopping can be rough sailing. If your query isn't covered below, please feel free to email us at any moment.

How do I choose to pickup my purchases and cancel postage?


If you would prefer to pick up your items in store and not pay the postage, just click the drop down box that tells you the postage on checkout and click Cape Winds,  we're only too happy to wrap your goods in store and hold them for you to pick up if you live close by. If you have a birthday or christmas gift you would like wrapped for pick up from the store, or to be posted just let us know.  It's all part of our service to make life easier :-)

Can I have something wrapped and sent to my friend for her birthday?


Sure. Just put all the information in the special comments of our checkout process and we'll make your friends birthday a very happy one indeed.

How often do you have new products online and instore?


Well we get bored easily here at Cape Winds ha ha! We'll have new products online every week, so keep checking in and as soon as we recieve something new you will see it. Also, we don't re-order the same thing over and over, that's too boring, we want to keep everthing fresh and new. However, if you really want something you have seen in the past just get in contact with us, if it's still available we'll do our best to get it in for you.

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